Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Student Life

Just a quick note to say that the family and I are at Student Life this week at Shocco Springs. It's been an adventure already, but it's great having them here. I'm thankful Student Life and its leaders are such great hosts to let my family accompany me. Nothing better then being entrusted to preach the word and then to be able to connect with your family, campers, and fellow ministers. Student Life's themes this year are: Respond, Repent, Relate, and Remain. Today's focus is "relate." My emphasis will be: our sacrifice for others is proportional to our satisfaction in God. The more joy we have in the Lord the more generosity will flow from us. Some highlights of having the family here this week have been: running from a swarm of yellow jackets outside our door, Tara getting locked out of our room and having to go to the front desk in her PJ's, all 5 of us riding in a golf cart together with Adoniram saying "choo choo," taking two paddle boats out on the lake, and getting donuts from OMG Donuts in Talladega. It's also been fun to share meals on campus with the student life campers/adults and hear about their lives! Well, it's time to study. The two babies are taking a nap and I need to prepare for tonight. Join me in praying for God to move through His Word and for eyes to be opened about our responsibilities of seeking joy in the Lord and sacrificing for one another.