Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dub and Grace Efurd

I never had the opportunity to meet Dub Efurd, but I have seen the fruit of his ministry. Last Wednesday night, I had the privilege to sit around a table at Bellows Air Base on Oahu and listen to three couples testify to the impact both Dub and Grace Efurd had on their lives. One of those couples was my father and mother in-law. As a young military couple stationed in Hawaii, their first encounter with Dub was when he knocked on their door. My in-laws had been members of Waikiki Baptist Church, but when they decided to move closer to Schofield Barracks they were informed of a mission just starting in Mililani. Dub was the pastor of that mission and when a member of Waikiki contacted him and informed him of my in-laws move - he showed up at their door. Another couple sitting around the table last Wednesday night shared how Dub knocked on their door as well. All 3 couples shared of the ministry that Dub and Grace extended to them, especially of having them into their home and providing food and fellowship. One of my favorite stories was of a soldier who came to Christ while at Mililani and is now a pastor leading others to Christ. That mission church eventually became its own congregation and was formally constituted 35 years ago. Under Dub's leadership it grew to be one of the largest Baptist churches in Hawaii. But numbers was not what dominated the conversation last Wednesday night, the impact of man who lived Christ was the main topic. Story after story and testimony after testimony to God's grace working in and through a ministry couple. What's even more amazing is that due to their commitment to the military, the three couples I was with were only around Dub and Grace for at most 3 years. The amount of impact in such a short time was challenging to me. The fruit of Dub's and Grace's ministry continues to multiply and will eventually be revealed in Heaven. Interesting, that in one of the world's most beautiful places it was not the scenery that refreshed me most, but the beauty of Christ being displayed in a fellow pastor and the harvest of righteousness the Lord has produced. I pray that I might be such a pastor and follower of Christ.