Monday, March 22, 2010


Last week, Tara's grandfather passed away. It's still a shock. For the nine years I have known Tara, Papa has been the only grandfather I have ever had. He was described by others as "the best of men" and a "prince of a man." I have never met a more faithful husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. The words "sacrificial," "servant," and "selfless" were embodied by him. He worked to help African-Americans get into Wood Jr. College, get jobs as operators with Bell South, and get into the Rotary club. His efforts with Habitat for Humanity have helped thousands have a place to live. And in all of his service his family was never slighted. You have never met a more faithful family man, who chose to chase his granddaughter rather than chase dollars. They were both the richer for it. And so am I. Because we know Papa knew Jesus intimately, we are not those who grieve without hope - for we know we will see him again. But we do grieve because he was such a treasure. May the Lord empower me to be as selfless and sacrificial for others and may He empower me to love my wife and children as Luther Millsaps did his. May I one day be an 83 year old gentleman who still kisses Tara on the cheek and opens doors for her and steadies her through all that life brings. Thank you Papa for not wasting your life. May you enjoy all of the rich treasures you have stored in Heaven - most importantly - may you enjoy Christ Jesus - the One who gives you life even now! With His strength, I will take care of all your girls and little buddy boy.