Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Goal at Dinner Each Night

Not that all of you will be interested, but I wanted to share with you what Tara and I strive to do each night at dinner. Although, if you talk to her this week she will tell you it's what she's tried to do, since I have been away much of the week! I am extremely grateful for a helpmate who is equipped to lead our children in Christ in my absence. For the two of you still reading, here is what we are trying to do:

1. We use the book "Window on the World" by Spraggett and Johnstone to pray through a different people group each night. We want our children growing up with an awareness that God's plan is beyond just our little kitchen table. We also pray that the Lord will develop in them His heart for the nations.

2. We try to memorize at least one verse of Scripture. We use the Fighter Verses Pre-K/K kit from Bethlehem Baptist Church. Arabella has been able to retain the verses we have learned so far and Daddy has even been known to make up a song or two to help with the memorization. Shocker!!

3. We pray for a different family in our church. Using our church picture directory (sorry if you are not in it!!!), we pray through one family each night.

Now let me be completely honest and say we are not batting 1.000 on this! This is the goal that we are working toward. I'm sharing it with you not in any form to boast or say look what we are doing, but in hopes of serving you and giving you some ideas for your home (even if it's just you!) Discipleship does not occur on accident. Our time to make disciples is fleeting, especially in our homes in which children develop and deploy so quickly. I pray you will soberly consider the responsibility you have to make disciples of those the Lord has entrusted to your care. I pray you also find in Christ a sufficient equipper for the task He is calling us to.