Tuesday, March 6, 2012


All sin is a rejection of God's Kingship and an assertion of our own. We rebel against His rule and seek to reign over our own lives. We say to Him, "You do not know what's best. I do. You are not my King. I am." How is that working out for you? Probably as well as it worked for Adam and Eve and for every human since them. We somehow forget that not only is God the King of Everything, but He is also the Best King. He is a Holy King. This means that every do not from God is for our best and every do is too. All of His Words are saturated in love and are for our good and His glory. I recently shared with my friends at Trace Crossing that I'm not sure exactly how much time I've spent on sin in my life, but I do know these two things: 1) It's been a lot 2) It's all been wasted. In Hebrews 3, we are told to exhort each other every day not to be deceived by sin. What if the Church took this teaching seriously? What if each morning Dads would remind Moms and then their children, "Look to Christ today! Don't be fooled by sin today. Sin never provides what it promises but Christ always does" - wouldn't this revolutionize our homes and our congregations? What if our teenagers would encourage each other to pursue Christ and not sin each day at school?

Father, please produce these types of Dads and Moms and students at Trace Crossing (and all other churches). Please help us to purse Christ and find in Him such satisfaction that the temptations of the flesh, world, and devil can be seen for what they really are. Please help us to live your Word by being intentional to remind each other daily of Christ's greatness and sin's deceitfulness. Please help us to quit wasting so much time on sin. In Christ's name, Amen.