Friday, September 9, 2011

Making Disciples Course

During my time at CrossPoint, I became burdened by the "pace" of discipleship. It seemed to be moving slowly, which we all know the meager strivings of our sanctification and our ultimate hope in glorification. For the purposes of multiplication, I wanted to train our folks in the "basics" and then send them to train others. As a result, I designed a course called "Making Disciples." For a year I walked together with two different groups of folks at CrossPoint and followed this schedule:

Fall Semester
* Knowing Christ (Bible Study)
* Pursuing Christ (Spiritual Formation)
* Sharing Christ (Evangelism)

Spring Semester
* What do I teach? (Theology)
* Where do I teach? (Missions)
* How do I teach? (Mentoring)

God used that course beyond what I could have imagined and is still bearing fruit through some of those that were in the classes. I share the outline above in the hopes it might be helpful to some of you who are thinking through "how" to make disciples.