Friday, December 10, 2010

Multiplication through Subtraction (Part 1)

My time is short, but I wanted to post a few thoughts. In just a few weeks, CrossPoint Baptist Church will enter a new chapter in its lengthy 14 year history. We will send one of our full-time pastoral staff members and 60 of our folks to re-plant Grace Baptist Church in mid-city Baton Rouge. Roughly 20% of our folks will be serving in this new ministry venture. There are lots of ways to look at what we are doing, but I tend to see it as multiplication through subtraction. Yes, we will miss some of our key servants. Yes, we will have "less" folks here. Yes, some of the things we have done very well over the past few years may not be done as easily. But also "yes" a neighborhood that is in desperate need of the Gospel will have new vitality added to it. But also "yes" there will be people who come to Christ who we have not even met yet. But also "yes" now instead of one church getting larger, we will have two congregations working to advance the Gospel in partnership. But also "yes" God will provide for both groups and will build His church. If we were territorial we would never do this. I loathe territorial pastors (and there are plenty of them). I'm weary of meetings among pastors who say let's work together, then get in the car and adopt the every-man-for-himself mentality. I'm praying God will use what we believe He has led us to do, to model what it means to look at Baton Rouge through the lens of the Kingdom and not just territory. All of the territory is God's! So while some may think we are crazy. We think we are obedient. While some may have their doubts. We have full confidence in the Lord. Multiplication through subtraction!